HI there!

I'm Niklas

I’m a motion and 3D designer based in the western part of Sweden. I’m all about being creative and I love to make 3D designs.
I believe that 3D visualization has the power to take you and your business to a new level. Let me help you with your digital marketing and together we can create something awesome! On my spare time
I like playing old school games and to spend time with my family.

My Career so far

I recently decided to take the step to work full time with my own business and bring more creativity out in to the world. Before that I have worked at several different studios such as Visual Art and Mud Studios as a motion designer. I have worked with a wide range of clients and created everything from concepts to ads with a focus on animation and 3D designs.

3D Design
Motion Graphics

Want to get in touch?
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Niklas Wahlberg
Stockholm & Herrljunga, Sweden
+46 73 02 49 542